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- Henry David Thoreau

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Eye Care Hawaii to Triple New Donations Received for Tazzy's New Heart

Eye Care Hawaii hosted a fundraiser on Saturday, May 6, 2017 for 22-year-old Natazia "Tazzy" Kahunahana, who is relocating with her family to San Diego for a heart transplant. This will be her fourth open heart surgery since birth.

To offset the cost for Natazia's travel, surgery, and recovery, the family has set a goal to raise $20,000. Thus far, the family has received about $7,000 in financial support.

"We, the family, humbly ask you for your prayers and financial blessings to help defray costs to fly Tazzy to San Diego and receive treatment for her heart condition," said Tazzy's mom, Natalie Kahunahana.

To help reach this goal, Eye Care Hawaii will give a $3,000 donation if another $1,000 can be raised via Natazia's Go Fund Me page. Eye Care Hawaii also is collecting donations at its office on 34 W Kawailani Street.

"Eye Care Hawaii is committed to supporting our community and the people we serve," said Dr. Grant Miyashiro of Eye Care Hawaii. "When we heard of Tazzy's situation, we couldn't help but feel compelled to give back. We hope our triple-match gift will inspire other people to do something compassionate for others. No gift is too small."

About Tazzy

When Tazzy's mother was five months pregnant, they were alerted of her unborn daughter's rare and life threatening heart defect. The doctors gave the family permission to terminate the pregnancy, but that was not an option. Instead, the Kahunahanas are doing everything in their power to give their daughter a fighting chance. The family recently relocated to San Diego so Tazzy can receive a heart transplant.