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- Henry David Thoreau

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ERG Vision Testing Can Help Identify Diseases*

The eyes are windows to the soul, as poets have written for eons. For optometrists and health care practitioners, however, the eyes also are windows to potential disease factors. And they’re powerful windows at that.

But even for the most experienced doctors, sometimes a clinical examination is inconclusive. These scenarios—when there is suspected retinal pathology but no clear indication of what is going on—call for advanced diagnostic testing.

Electroretinography (ERG)

An electroretinography (ERG) device is a remarkable tool that helps clinicians understand the health of the retina. As an objective measure of electrical responses within the retina, ERG is crucial for understanding how the retina is functioning, with multiple applications across the continuum of care.

ERG is not disease specific. It is an objective measure of retinal function that is useful for building a differential diagnosis in patients with confounding or conflicting clinical findings and for those with unexplained visual changes. The information that ERG uncovers can be crucial in deciding when and if to initiate appropriate treatment, how aggressively to treat, and whether or not additional treatment is likely to have benefits.

ERG can:

  • improve the diagnosis of patients with conflicting clinical findings;
  • aid in tracking treatment efficacy;
  • help manage patient expectations; and
  • lower the risk of postoperative surprises.

According to William I. Bond, MD, FACS: “Dense cataracts can make it difficult to look at and determine the health of the retina. That can have a couple of implications. For one, you could end up with a postoperative visual surprise if there is an undiscovered retina disease. As well, if you are thinking about using premium lens technologies, you want to make sure the macula is healthy enough to support the proposed viewing system. What you can’t see can really affect the outcome.” In a situation like this, ERG can be the difference between healthy eyesight and impaired or lost vision.

Ask your Eye Care Hawaii clinician about ERG to learn more. As always, we are leveraging the latest technology and clinical trends to deliver the best eye care and help protect your overall health.

* Sourced from an interview with William I. Bond, MD, FACS, http://info.diopsys.com/blog/ophthalmology-patients-benefit-from-erg-vision-testing